Top 10 Hair Care Tips Straight From The Experts

Irrespective of our gender, we all crave the beauty and sheen of flawless hair. In most instances, the desire to get this lush and perfect hair pushes us to buy expensive hair care cosmetics, read hair health magazines and spend endless hours scouring YouTube videos for expert tips. 

However, the best information we can get regarding our hair health is from an expert. After all, they are well-versed in hair health-related issues and can proffer solutions to pending hair care difficulties. If you love your pixie hair cut, here are top health care tips for your hair growth in this article.

  1. Wash Your Hair Regularly: As cliche as it may sound, regularly washing your hair is the first step for healthy and vibrant hair. Washing your hair rids the scalp of dirt, oil, and other dead skin cells. However, experts recommend a healthy limit twice a week to ensure that your hair is always clean and ready for the party. Furthermore, you can always look up expert websites for more hair care tips. 
  2. Watch your Diet: This might come as a surprise, but what you eat contributes immensely to your hair health. Experts always recommend a diet plan that is rich in amino acids and proteins. Experts believe that to witness an unusual growth in your hair, you must consume diets that contain eggs, fish, berries, potatoes, etc. Furthermore, if you wish to keep a nice pixie hairstyle, you must remember that you are what you eat.
  3. Shampoo: Shampoos regularly feature in healthcare products. However, you must watch out for excessive chemicals in your shampoo, as they can have unhealthy side effects on your hair. Experts recommend that the lesser the amount the chemicals in your shampoo, the more healthy your hair. 
  4. Oil your hair regularly: Oils have an immediate impact on your hair. They can penetrate your hair to its root, spreading useful nutrients to its core. Hair experts suggest combining oils like coconut, olive, almond, and castor oils for your hair. This way, you can have soft, tender hair to support your dream pixie hairstyles.
  5. Reduce stress: This might come as a surprise, but experts have linked hair health with anxiety and lifestyle. Studies have shown that people with healthy hair participate in less stressful activities, causing them to have fewer hair falling incidents, unlike those who engage in stressful activities or excessive thinking. 
  6. Don’t Blow-dry: We all prefer to Blow-dry our hair to save time. However, experts believe that blow-drying the hair should be on rare or urgent occasions. Otherwise, it would help if you opted for natural hair-drying methods to reduce the incidence of hair falling off due to excess heat. 
  7. Reduce hot showers: Frequent hot baths can strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrients, leaving it dry and wanting moisture. Experts believe that cold water baths help to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated at all times. So it’s recommended that you take cold water baths more frequently, especially if you root for pixie haircuts for your hair. 
  8. Avoid Saltwater: Experts say that another way we kill our hair is by using excessive salt or chlorinated water to bathe. They recommend a salt-free hair treatment regime for proper hair growth.
  9. Break Unhealthy Habits: Sometimes, our habits reflect on our hair health. Therefore, if you value your hair health, you must minimize unhealthy habits that may kill the hair. Furthermore, breaking an unhealthy habit helps maintain good hair as we advance in age. 
  10. Drink More Water: Another Tip for hair growth is to drink more water frequently. Staying hydrated helps improve your hair’s condition, giving it a good base for a beautiful pixie cut.