Beautiful But Simple Self-Hairstyles for Parties/ Weddings

Who does not like hairstyles? Though it feels so lazy to daily style your hair as it can take time, right? But what if your hairstyle gets ready within 5 to 10 minutes? It sounds so great. So, here are eight such easy and cute hairstyles from a Japanese magazine.


The name itself suggests that the hairstyle includes two ponies, braids, and a knot twist. Yes, you got it right. This hairstyle makes you look elegant and excellent in all your western or traditional outfits. What you need to do is divide your hair in two from the middle section and make ponies. After that, make one plait on both sides; tie the knot with a braid like a rope knot. Repeat it on another side too, and you are done.


Yes, this is a cute but straightforward hairstyle that everybody would love. Just open your hair and tie two braids on each side, starting from the beginning portion with a distance of 1-2 inches between two braids. And you are ready for a barbie appearance. This style will go perfect with evening gowns, dresses, shorts, and capris.


With name, it seems to be challenging to make, but it is not difficult to manage. Just make two high ponies and start with the first pony. Tie a rubber on a pony, leaving a 1-1.5-inch gap tightly. Now use your fingers to spread a section of hair in a semi-circle to create a bubble. Make more such sections according to the length of your inches. Repeat it on another side too. And it’s done.


You might have seen it earlier. Just divide your hair with a 1:3 ratio that means one side of inches must be in large proportion. And make a french braid on that side with half-section and in half in length up to your ears.


Some girls may have natural waves in their hair, but others may not. So how to do it? Just take a straightener and straight your one-inch hair, and then use it on another side opposite direction. And it is done.


This one is quite a twisting hairstyle. First, separate your hair from the middle section and take a small portion of hair from the top and tie rubber like a pony. Then, after it revolves your pony from the middle of your pony section, take another bit from that side itself, and repeat it. Also, do it on another side. And it is ready to impress!


Separate the hair equally from the middle section, make a fluffy puff, and pin it up behind. Repeat same on the other side. And cattie ears are ready, which gives you a look like a hairband.


It is effortless to make. Just make two low ponies and pull hair from above to make it fluffy. And it is ready.