How to Choose a Short Hairstyle That Suits Your Face Shape

Your face profile and hairstyle form a unique part of your identity. As such, you should consider what fits you best. Before selecting a style, you need to determine your face shape and what type of pixie hairstyles look perfect. Short hairstyles are becoming the go-to style for people of different age groups, gender, profession, and nationality. Even Princess Diana spotted a short hairstyle for a press conference. Although there are various haircuts and styles today, you can find the ideal fit for you.

Types of Face Shapes

To decide your face profile, you need a mirror. Tie your hair backward to get a good grasp of your face contour. Moreover, take note of your forehead, cheekbones, jaw edges, and face stretch. These parameters will help you determine the best pixie haircut for you. Here are the face profiles:


  • Oval: Face length is substantial with prominent cheekbones. It tapers from the forehead to the jaw edges like an egg.  
  • Triangular: The face tapers upwards from the jaw edges to the forehead. Jaw edges have the largest measurement. 
  • Heart: It’s similar to oval but has an acute chin. The forehead has the biggest dimension.  
  • Rectangular: Face distance has the biggest dimension, while the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are roughly the same. 
  • Square: All the dimensions are nearly identical. 
  • Round: Opposite ends of the face have almost equal dimensions. The cheekbones and face stretch are comparable, as are the jaw edges and forehead. 
  • Diamond: The essential dimensions follow this descending pattern: face length, cheekbones, forehead, and jaw edges.

Choosing a fitting hairstyle

The pixie hairstyles are quite an in trend. However, based on the face profiles above, the following will be appropriate. 


As the most common face shape, it accepts several styles of pixie haircuts. However, reduced crops and blunt lob will look just perfect. 


A layered pixie haircut that conceals your large jaw edges is excellent. Reduced side-swept styles, uneven pixie cuts, and wispy layers will enhance your charming look. 


It calls for a pixie hairstyle that broadens the lower part of your face. Popular haircuts that fit this face profile include a bob, an extended side-swept design, and a side-styled pixie cut. 


You need a haircut that softens your pointed jawline. Short pixie cuts will conceal your flat cheekbones attractively. Also, curls and blowouts will balance the long face.



Layered bobs are types of pixie haircuts that effectively disguise the broad face. Side-parted and longer styles will also accentuate the positive features of a square face. 


It is important to choose a pixie cut that softens the visible edges. Styles with tousled waves will provide a charming appearance. Rather than conceal your cheekbones, retraced ponytails enhance their beauty. 


Different people have their ideal hairstyles. You can find yours, too. However, you need first to identify your face profile. Choosing a pixie haircut that accentuates your facial beauty is important. Also, select a hairstyle that camouflages your sharp facial edges.