Few Easy Short Bob And Short sLayer Haircut 2021

Are you also a lover of short hair or bob cut? If so, here are some of the best and easy short-bob and shortlayered hairstyles to give yourself a cute look.

Basic And Simple Bob Cut

First of all, wet your hair and comb it straight back. Start cutting the entire hair according to the length you
want from the tip of the hair scissors. It will give up short and down a bit long hairs in an oval shape. Now
divide your strands into two equal parts from the middle. Cut it till the end of the ear in the layer style. Blowdry your hair to give it a volume hairstyle.

Classy Short Haircut

Take the entire hair on one side, leaving half-inch hair from all over. Now start cutting hair till ears’ length
keeping some hairs in front. Blow-dry it and give a classy look to yourself with the bangs on your front face.

Long Straight Bob-cut

Divide your hairs into two equal sections. You will get a beautiful look by just cutting or trimming hair
strands from the beginning to the end.

Short Layer Cut

First of all, start from the back hair. And then, coming to the front, take the hair strip and cut it in a slanting
way going from short to a bit long manner. Do such layered hairstyles and blow-dry the hairs. It will create a
volume in your hair, giving you an admiring look. For more detailing, curl the hair to give a messy bob-cut

Simple And Easy Men Style Bob Cut

Take the upper middle section and pack it. Now start cutting the rest of the hairs to the straight level—cut
hair of the same length from everywhere. Open the packed section and follow the same process. Blow-dry
your strands, and you are ready.

Trim HairCut

Divide your hairs into two equal sections and start cutting the hair at your choice of length. After cutting it
entirely, take the trimmer and clean the back neck side area properly to give it a detailed look.

Triangle Bob-cut

All you need to do is pack the upper middle section and cut the back down in a pointed way. It will create a
triangle shape. Now unpack the upper-middle hair to the front and cut them in the same length all over.
Blow-dry some strands to the front of the face. Blow-dry some to the back in a triangle shape to give an
elegant look