Five Easy Ways to Style Short Hair in 10 Minutes or Less

How do you feel flipping through those intriguing pictures of people wearing fascinating styles of short hair? Astonished or inspired? You can look great on a pixie cut, but you probably dread the thought of chopping off your hair. Well, as much as you would want to hold on to what you have, you should consider the excitement of giving yourself a new look. Also, if styling short hair has ever been a challenge to you, then you’re on the right page. We’ll show you five easy and striking styles you can create on your pixie haircut in less than ten minutes. But first, let’s briefly consider some things to love about your short hair.

What to love about short hair?

1.Great looks

Who doesn’t love the sassy look that shows up after having a pixie cut? Regardless of your hair texture, a short hairstyle highlights your facial contours and magically makes you look younger than you are.

2.Minimal Maintenance

Pixie haircuts require less money and time for maintenance. The cost of buying hair products for short hair is less because it takes a smaller quantity to achieve a great look.

3.Appears Fuller

Also, short hair looks thicker in its blunt state. Since there are no dead ends, it appears to be fuller, hence healthier.


Although they appear fuller, short haircuts absorb less heat, hence, are very convenient. Moreover, you can run through a crowd and not worry about it getting caught up in anything. 

5.Variety of Styles

There are lots of chicky and trendy pixie hairstyles you can get done on your short hair. Most of them take less than ten minutes to complete yet still look very classy.

Check out these 5 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair 

1.Beachy Waves

For this breezy beach look, you need clips, a comb, curling iron, and a spray. Allow your hair to air dry for about a minute. Divide it into horizontal sections and hold them apart with clips. Curl each section by using the curling iron to set them in different directions. Apply the hairspray to this style emboldened your looks.

2.Messy Slicked Back Hair

To achieve this style, you need a blow dryer, brush, gel, and spray. Position the blow dryer towards the back of your head and mildly blow-dry close to your scalp at the sides and back of the head. Afterward, position it to the front and use a brush to hold back the hair such that it looks voluminous. Apply gel to the surface of the hair to keep it set, and shampoo to its root to make it puff. You can run a comb or your hands through it to give it the backward and tousled appearance. Lastly, use a mild hair spray on it for a flexible feel.

3.Piecey Pixie

It is so easy to get this sleek hairstyle sorted out. It almost looks like you only have to run your fingers through your pixie cut. Although that would partly be true, you will need to apply a texturizer while raking through your hair strands. This combination will keep it both silky and stylishly ruffled up at once.

4.Vintage Coif

For the vintage coif, you need a brush, comb, and gel or wax. Start by applying the gel or wax thoroughly to the tips or half-length of your hair. This will cause it to shine and yield. Use the comb to get a perfect side and lay it over on both sides with a brush. Finish up by combing the sides and back of the hair properly.

5.Ear Length Pixie

Whether you are intentionally growing out your pixie haircut or not, this style can always come in handy. It requires a toothed comb and hair oil. Apply a little quantity of hair oil on your hair surface to make it shine. Use the toothed comb to comb it to any side while creating soft strands as well.


People cease to enjoy wearing their pixie cuts after they have had one style on for weeks. As subtle as it seems, getting the perfect style for your hair can discourage you from showing off your pixie haircuts. In this article, we have listed five amazing ways you can style your short hair within a few minutes. You will also find five reasons to love your short hair here.