Gorgeous & Cute Hairstyles That Turn Heads

umber One: Half-Up Braided PoNYTAIL

Ponytails are usually seen as an easy, quick way to get hair off your face and into a sleek tied-back option. However, when you’re looking to step up your hair game, a half-up braided ponytail will be an elegant and playful twist. To begin you should curl your hair prior to styling to add texture, waves and volume. If you have naturally curly hair you can use a curling iron to define your curls or leave it natural. To begin, section your hair into two parts, gather approximately one inch of hair and begin braiding a dutch braid down the ponytail. Once you are about halfway down the ponytail, use another elastic to create separation and finish off by pulling in hair from either side of the head into the dutch bread and secure with another elastic.

Number Two: Low Glamorous Ponytail


To begin this hairstyle you’ll want to have thick hair. If you do not naturally have thick hair, feel free to add a three-clip weft of hair extensions that blend into your natural color and texture. Next, you will need to part your hair down the center and put your hair in a simple, low ponytail. Once you have this done, take another elastic and tie it 3-5 inches below the first one (depending on the length of your hair) and secure. This will create a “princess” like effect. You can also pinch the top sections of your hair to add volume and give it an effortlessly chic appeal.


Number Three: Braided Side Braids


Side braids are a great way to look put together in a matter of minutes. Begin by braiding the hair on the side of your part into a French braid. Take that around the back of your head and secure. Optional: Repeat this step with the other side of your hair and join the two braids directly in the back of your head, securing with an elastic.